Why do people buy jewelry?


This may sound like a silly question. But by not answering this question buyers can make a serious mistake.

There are many factors that customers consider when buying jewelry, but there are only two main ones: they want to have (or give) a unique piece of jewelry that others do not have and will never have … and they want it at a bargain price.

If we take into account the gigantic and still-growing diamond mining industry (120.000 pounds or 60 tons of diamonds are extracted per year) it is impossible to get a unique product using only small diamonds and gold. There is only one solution: to use the “uniqueness” of one or more so-called central stones.

Of course, it is possible to buy a unique diamond as a central stone. However, the uniqueness of a colorless diamond starts at a size of 4-5 carats. A smaller diamond can be unique only if it is a rare color: red, blue, pink, green, etc.

If the color of the diamond is unique, then a weight of 1 carat is enough to create a unique product. But, unfortunately, colored diamonds are incredibly expensive.

Currently, colorless diamonds are the most common gemstones. Their production continues to grow at a gigantic pace. Diamond corporations are making titanic efforts to artificially support high prices and promote their product.

We agree that diamonds were and remain one of the most beautiful and desirable gemstones. Their multicolored brilliant shine is very beautiful (scientifically it is called  “high dispersion”). Are there stones like this in nature?!

It turns out they do exist. And there are many of them. And their “diamond” shine is brighter. It can be zircon, many of garnets. And there are much more colors of them. And many of them are mined much less.

The diamond has the highest strength, its life lasts forever. This is true, diamond is the hardest known material. But it has nothing to do with jewelry beauty.

So enough about diamonds. The uniqueness and unattainable beauty of your and only your jewelry can be ensured by choosing another truly unique rare “center” gemstone. 

Let’s take a drop-shaped blue Sri Lanka sapphire “Dionysus”. Weight – over 2 carats. Clean enough. Drop length – 9.5 mm/0.4 inches. Let’s give the stone for framing in white gold in to the professional hands of a very good jeweler.  A jeweler must be proficient in 3-D modeling skills.

We like the result! The cold calm purity of white gold. In the center there is a sapphire in the form of a drop, located perpendicular to the plane of the ring. Sparkling diamonds reflect its bright blue color.

But look, we got two rings in one – this ring can be worn with the tip of the drop outward or towards you. In each position the ring looks different.


Now let’s try to find a similar ring in jewelry stores. The result is predictable. Something similar can be found only in the most expensive stores – Tiffany, Cartier. But the price here is staggering – $10,000. And we found the ring only with the heart, and the color is some kind of grayish blue (for advanced users – this is an Australian sapphire). The design of the ring is without mystery, without zest.

Now let’s try to increase the cost of our jewel product. We choose a heavy sapphire in the shape of a cushion (cut with four rounded corners and convex sides). The weight is 4.7 carats. Bright blue color. Exceptional cleanliness. Good size is 0.5 inches. The cost of the stone we have chosen is 16K. We are looking for something similar in jewelry stores. We found a similar Cartier ring for $30,000.

Below are the three most important laws of jewelry appraisal:

  1. The price of jewelry made from highly unequal components tends to match the price of the most expensive component.
  2. The price of jewelry made from equivalent components is higher in maximum number of times than the total cost of these components, including the work of the jeweler. 
  3. The technical work that brings jewelry to the maximum cost is the setting in the network of the “central” gem. This means that the total price of the center stone and the rest is significantly less than the jewelry made from these components.

These three laws will guide you to the value of your coveted unique piece of jewelry. Enriched with this knowledge please contact a good jeweler. In this case only you can influence the choice of color and shape of the stone, style, quality of diamond chips, quantity and color of jewelry gold.  And then it will be a truly unique piece of jewelry.

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