Where to sell jewelry

Where to sell jewelry

Recently, the number of people who have decided to exchange their jewelry for money has been growing quite rapidly. This is due to many reasons: the rise in gold prices, the financial crisis, personal motives, the need to pay off the loan, etc.

There are several options for selling jewelry: renting it to a pawnshop or jewelry store, selling by ad to a private person, selling to a company or to persons specializing in buying gold items.

One of the most pressing questions for those who are engaged in the production of jewelry is “where to sell handmade jewelry”. Today, handmakers are actively using various Internet sites, that is, they sell and advertise their work online. Offline selling is no longer relevant, but do not forget about such methods. Jewelry Blog

If you are wondering where to sell your handmade jewelry, then Etsy is one of the most ideal options.

The Etsy website is an international marketplace for the sale of handmade products (handmade).

It was created in the USA, so the majority of buyers (about 70-80%) are from there. The rest of the visitors are from Great Britain, the European Union, Australia and other countries.

Anyone can open their online store on Etsy in a few minutes. And buyers find it through a search within the site.

Best Etsy Alternatives to Sell Your Jewelry in the USA

  • Zibbet
  • Storenvy
  • ArtFire
  • Amazon Handmade
  • Aftcra

How to Sell Jewelry

If you decide to start selling your own jewelry on your own, what you should consider are the following:

  • Compare offers from several buyers and sellers;
  • Please note that the price quoted by phone may differ from the one offered upon purchase;
  • Do not trust buyers who are not interested in the weight of gold and precious stones during the valuation process;
  • Do not lose sight of your jewelry, as there are unscrupulous buyers who can imperceptibly replace stones with cheaper ones;
  • Check if the balance on which the product will be weighed is correctly adjusted.

USA jewelry market – the average volume is estimated at $ 80 billion per year. Of this amount, less than half is accounted for by retail, and most of it is online and wholesale.

Retail in the United States consists of two business segments – large retail chains with hundreds and thousands of stores, and one-off stores, showrooms, and small chains.

Diamond District

The American phenomenon is the Diamond District. The largest and most famous is 47th Street in New York, as well as streets in Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. Usually they are a complex of several tall ancient buildings in the very center of a large city (Down Town), in which jewelers, merchants of stones and equipment, appraisers, foundry workers and everyone associated with the jewelry business have lived for decades.

American jewelry shows are exclusively for wholesalers, a retail buyer will never be able to get here. There are shops and design workshops for him.

JCK in Las Vegas

The most famous American exhibition and one of the largest in the world is the JCK in Las Vegas.

At the same time, jewelry chains, even the most famous ones, do not participate in the exhibition, since they are not engaged in wholesale sales. The main jewelry expositions of the exhibition are located on two floors of the huge exhibition complex Mandalay Bay. The second floor houses the stands of the most famous jewelry companies in the United States – the elite of the jewelry business. The most prestigious places in this pavilion are located in the center – in the Plumb Club zone. The ground floor usually houses more modest companies, as well as suppliers of watches, diamonds, hardware and silver. In separate halls there are stands of sellers of colored stones and a pavilion of Swiss watch manufacturers in a mansion.

Best place to sell jewelry near me

There are three traditional ways. From simple to complex, it looks like this:

  • Sales through individual stores and small chains. The main thing in this case is to find stores that will take your product for sale and will be able to convince their customers to buy your products.
  • Open your own store or network. This is extremely difficult not because it will require significant investments, but because all the stores in those places that are profitable are already occupied for a long time, and you will have to compete for a place in the sun, crowding out competitors.
  • Online Stores. As you know, the USA is a very developed country in which most of the people shop online. There are many sites, the so-called “Market Places”, where you can place your jewelry products.