Treasures of the sea in the Versace jewelry collection


The underwater fauna continues to inspire designers to experiment with fashion. The starfish becomes an iconic element of the Trésor de la Mer jewelry collection by the Versace brand. Gianni Versace came up with this print in the early 1990s, and the new collection is a modern take on the recognizable pattern.

The jewelry is made of brass, covered with timeless gold and inlaid with multi-colored crystals of various shapes and sizes. Delicate jewelry will adorn both daytime and evening looks. Although such jewelry can hardly be called bijouterie. The price for one product starts at 26 thousand rubles and it looks like a real treasure.

The collection includes star earrings, a volumetric ring and a giant brooch in the shape of a starfish, as well as pendant earrings and chokers, on which the same “heroine” flaunts. The necklaces are complemented by large shells from the bottom of the sea and small shells thrown ashore by the waves.

“Inhabitants of the Underwater Depths” appear in two shades. Blue crystals convey the deep color of the ocean, pink crystals remind that the underwater world is not imaginary, but alive. And, of course, in each product there is a Versace logo – the mythical Medusa, which, according to the designer, fell in love with herself at first sight, once and for all.

Anticipating the beach season, the fashion house continued the nautical theme in the spring-summer 2021 collection of clothes. Hence the stars, shells and jellyfish on bright dresses of a wide variety of silhouettes.


Author: Lyudmila Shabaykina

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