Silver wedding rings: why the demand for them is growing


Once upon a time, silver wedding rings were much more popular than gold. Healing and magical properties were attributed to this metal, and its cold luster was considered the standard. But in the 18th century, with the onset of the gold rush, the demand for silver jewelry began to fall.

As you know, fashion develops cyclically: old trends return, but in a changed form. Today silver wedding rings are popular again, and there are many reasons for this.


What those who choose silver over gold say

The main argument is that silver is cheaper than gold. This is a great choice for a young couple who wants to legitimize a relationship but cannot afford large expenses. Silver rings made of silver will cost less than gold or platinum ones. At the same time, the price can be influenced not only by the cost of the metal, but also by other factors: the presence of precious stones, the complexity of manufacturing, the prestige of the brand.

It is believed that in case of extreme need a gold wedding ring can be sold, but not a silver one. This is a weak argument: when you sell a gold piece, you can hardly get half the amount back. If you want to create a stock “for a rainy day”, it is better to choose other means for this.

Silver wedding rings often have an unusual design. This metal has an attractive luster and beautiful color, and over time, a patina forms on its surface, which also has its own charm. Silver allows for blackening, rhodium plating, texturing: this is a vast space for design experiments.

Silver rings are less likely to cause allergic reactions. Sterling silver contains 92.5% of the noble metal, while the most popular 585-carat gold contains only 58.5%. The rest is taken up by impurities that increase the risk of skin irritation.

Silver is a popular metal for everyday jewelry. If you prefer silver earrings, chains, bracelets, it is logical to choose a ring made of the same material for them.

Is silver practical?

That’s a moot point. Silver is a noble metal: corrosion-resistant, durable, wear-resistant. To increase the strength of the material, it is alloyed with copper.

And yet silver is inferior in durability to white gold and platinum. It is easier to scratch and sometimes bend or deform. With daily wear, the surface of the metal will be covered with the smallest scratches, which will affect the appearance of the ring. If you are engaged in manual labor, silver wedding rings are not your choice.

There is one more thing: over time, silver can darken. It reacts with sulfuric acid salts, which are present in small amounts in human sweat. If the jewelry does not have a protective coating, this effect will be especially noticeable.

Some people like to watch how the appearance of silver changes over time. The dark patina and the network of scratches on the surface tell the story of the jewelry: they transform it in the same way that age changes the face of a loved one. But if you want the ring to remain as it was on the day of purchase, it will have to be cleaned and polished regularly.


What silver wedding rings look like

The designs of silver wedding rings are varied. They can resemble a laconic strip of light gray metal decorated with engraving, or an intricate piece of art. Silver rings are often found in jewelry stores, and if you need an exclusive pair, they can be made to order.

Rhodium plated silver

Rhodium plated silver rings are made of silver with a thin layer of rhodium – a noble metal of the platinum group. It enhances the shine of the metal and enhances its scratch resistance. Rhodium plated silver is not inferior in beauty to white gold, and in some ways surpasses it.

Over time, the rhodium plating wears off – in about 1-2 years. It is easy to update it in the workshop.

Oxidized silver

Wedding rings in dark gray. The unusual shade is due to the presence of an oxide film, which gives the jewelry a mysterious, as if aged look. The film is sensitive to mechanical stress and aggressive chemicals, so over time it will also have to be updated.

Silver with gold

An option for those who like to experiment with jewelry made from different metals. Several options are possible: inserts of silver and gold, “gold plates” on part or all of the tire surface, electroplating. The latter option is less desirable, as the coating will wear off over time and will have to be renewed.

Pair of wedding rings

A pair of rings that complement each other – just like future spouses. Wedding rings are not made the same, but united by a common idea. For example, a pattern is “cut out” on the male part of the ring, which becomes the main detail of the female ring.

Another popular option is the “stacked” design. If two rings are folded, they form a general pattern or inscription that cannot be made out separately.

How to care for silver rings

Silver wedding rings need regular cleaning. Prepare to be cleaned almost every week: wash in warm water with added detergent, rinse and polish with a soft cloth. You can use special jewelry solutions for this purpose. To protect the ring from damage, it is recommended to remove it before performing any household work – washing dishes, cleaning, home repairs. Visit a master at least once a year to remove any scratches and restore the jewelry to its original shine.


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