Sell my antique jewelry

sell my antique jewelry

Have you kept antique jewelry for a long time, but don’t want to wear it? Do you want to evaluate and profitably sell an antique, antique jewelry, gold, diamond? Got an old grandmother’s diamond ring, but no money for a long-awaited purchase? Remember, gold jewelry will easily bring you the right amount of money.

Jewelry, fascinating with the radiance of precious stones and precious metals, has always been a sign of well-being and high status, and was also considered a luxurious gift and a wonderful way to express your feelings. High-end jewelry not only helps complete the look, but also magically attracts the eyes of others, placing their wearers in the spotlight.

Antique jewelry and bijouterie these days are in high demand among lovers of imperishable beauty and special style. The price of such items depends on the level of their reproduction, used in the manufacture of materials and artistic appeal.

Sell my antique jewelry

Ebey in the USA allows you to order and sell antique jewelry of the following types: antiques that require restoration, repair, restoration; for disassembly into separate elements; jewelry (platinum, gold, silver combined with precious stones); ethnic; handmade.

sell my antique jewelry
sell my antique jewelry

Most Popular Antique Auctions

Among the huge number of foreign auctions, the palm is held by:

  • Sotheby’s (Sotheby’s). One of the world’s oldest auction houses, occupying, together with Christie’s, almost 90% of the world market for antiques and art.
  • Christie’s (Christie’s). Another giant of the antique market for antiques, which was founded in the capital of England in 1766. The total revenue per year averages $ 6-7 billion.

USA Antiques Auctions

Among the popular US antiques auctions are the following:

  • WebStore. America’s oldest auction house selling classic categories of antiques: postage stamps, postcards, baseball cards, coins, medals, tokens, photographs, china and earthenware.
  • HipStamp. One of the largest international auctions for stamp collectors.
  • Liveauctioneers. Online platform for the sale of antiques, vintage items, retro things. There is also a large selection of Oriental art items from Japan, China, India.
  • GoodLife Auctions. US Auction House with the highest quality appraisal expertise. It sells authentic pieces of fine art, unique and valuable antiques, rare collectible coins, jewelry.
  • Heritage. All-American auction house, offering buyers the widest selection of lots. The main directions: art objects, numismatics, antiques, all kinds of exclusive things.

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