RETAIL TITANS 2021: Joe Walsh, CEO, Laings


RETAIL TITANS 2021: Joe Walsh, CEO, Laings

Joe Walsh has spent 10 years at Laings, Scotland’s oldest family jeweller which has seemed largely unfazed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The business entered last year on a strong footing – in April 2020 it was listed in the Sunday Times Profit Track as one of Britain’s private companies with the fastest-growing profits.

Laings then hit the headlines for its sustainability and philanthropy under Joe’s leadership – both moves that radiated confidence given the financial uncertainty of 2020.

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Laings’ Megan Louden said: “Joe has managed to carve his own path through a difficult year, implementing advice on shop regulations but keeping us feeling safe and informed.”

Also mentioning his work to improve Laings’ in-house training and recruitment, she concludes: “The Laings family is a visible presence in the company and with Joe at the helm, I feel we will continue to be a strong team.”

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Correction: This article previously featured an error, referring to a “rift” in the Laings business.


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