Precious materials for jewelry


Gold alloys

Due to its softness and ductility, pure gold is not used in the jewelry industry. The vast majority of jewelry is made from three-component alloys of the Au-Ag-Cu (gold-silver-copper) system. There are alloys containing, in addition to gold, silver and copper, nickel, zinc, palladium and platinum.


Gold is one of the first metals known to man since ancient times: its beautiful color, luster and high resistance to weathering have long been appreciated by man. Since ancient times, gold has been used in jewelry (jewelry, cult and palace utensils, etc.), as well as for gilding.


Silver was already known in ancient times, although in general it began to be used by man much later than gold. Silver, like gold, was deified by man: if gold, in the minds of distant ancestors, personified the Sun, then silver – the Moon.


In 1802, an asteroid approached the Earth as close as possible, which was named Pallas – in honor of the ancient Greek goddess of war, knowledge and arts Pallas Athena. A year later, a new precious metal, palladium, was discovered in the world, in the name of which space history and the history of antiquity were combined.

The history of platinum, like other precious metals, goes back millions of years. Mistaken by the Spanish conquistadors for silver, this silvery-white metal has many properties that make platinum the best diamond setting and a favorite among jewelers.

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