In the USA, a man found a 9-carat stone in a diamond park


In the “Crater of Diamonds” park in the US state of Arkansas, a man found a 9.07 carat gem. According to the rules, the diamond remains with the one who found it.

Writes about this CNN.

Kevin Keenard, 33, found the diamond while vacationing with friends on Labor Day. At first, the man thought he had found glass.

– It looked interesting and brilliant. Everything that looked like crystals I put in my bag, ”he said.

After the walk, the company went to the “Diamond Discovery Center” in the park to investigate their findings. Kinard’s stone is the second largest diamond found in the Crater of Diamonds since 1972.

As a reminder, a miner from Tanzania found two tanzanite gems weighing 15 kilograms. For his find, he received $ 3.4 million from the government.

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