How to Wear a Pendant Necklace?


Unlike earrings and bracelets, which require a more biased selection, pendants give us more room to choose. But they also need to follow certain principles. Perhaps the most important rule in how to wear pendants is to match the jewelry style to the overall image of the wearer.

How to fit the pendants into the overall style?

Corresponding accessories that emphasize certain motives (for example, Indian, Egyptian, African, and so on) look appropriate with a colorful ethnic outfit.
A sophisticated evening outfit paired with classic pendants, vintage or retro.
For lovers of avantgarde ideas, extraordinary products are suitable.
A business suit allows for classic pendants without bright inserts, bulkiness and overly flashy finishing.
It is better to wear a cross as a rather intimate decoration during business meetings under clothes.

How to choose a pendant according to the situation where you plan to wear it?

For everyday wear, a small, sophisticated harness is suitable. For special occasions, you can afford something brighter and more eye-catching. The same principle holds true for age groups as well. The younger the girl, the more elegant her pendant. At the same time, it is youth fashion that offers all kinds of unusual and original forms and ideas. It is appropriate for respectable ladies to wear elegant, stylish jewelry inlaid with stones.

Today’s fashion is not very categorical about how to wear pendants – a set with earrings, a ring, a bracelet or an independent accessory. The general tendency to minimize any restrictions is to allow yourself to express yourself freely. Therefore, no compulsory ensemble is required. For example, Western stylists generally advise against matching earrings or rings to a pendant, except when it comes to diamonds or a pearl set.

How to choose a chain for a pendant?

Today it is believed that it is enough to combine jewelry with each other in style, color and material. A silver pendant, for example, is not worn on a gold chain. But a white gold product can be worn on a silver chain.

The pendant must also match the weight of the chain. A massive pendant will look disharmonious on a very thin chain. It is advised to select a pendant for a chain so that the weight of the chain is about 2 times the weight of the pendant. The weaving of the chain also matters – too complicated and ornate will distract attention from the pendant.

What should the suspension go with?

The color scheme of the decoration should be in harmony with the main tone of the clothes. This is especially important in relation to pendants with stones. The complete contrast also looks great.

There are also some nuances in how to choose a pendant, focusing on the color of the skin and eyes.

  • On a bronze skin tone, red and white gold looks great.
  • Yellow gold suits white ladies.
  • Dark eyes accentuate the pendants with reddish-brown stones.
  • Any color suits gray eyes.
  • Holders of green eyes – pendants with purple stones.

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