Christie’s shines light on Wallace Chan jewellery


Christie’s shines light on Wallace Chan jewellery

Stardust Encounter brooch by Wallace Chan

Christie’s shines light on Wallace Chan jewellery

Celestial Lake ring by Wallace Chan

Christie’s shines light on Wallace Chan jewellery

Wallace Chan

Renowned jewellery artist Wallace Chan’s latest masterpieces in majestic colours and otherworldly designs are taking precedence at a special event by Christie’s Shanghai.

The solo exhibition, Wallace Chan: Parallel Dreams, will feature around 60 exceptional jewellery creations by Chan at the Ampire Building Art Space from July 9 to 16. The event comes at the heels of the artist’s large-scale titanium sculpture exhibition, which opened in Venice last month.

Best known for his interdisciplinary practices in art, Chan is shining the spotlight on his unique creations, headlined by the Stardust Encounter brooch with a 14.65-carat bi-colour sapphire centre stone. It is further adorned with blue, yellow and pink sapphires; yellow and white diamonds; and pearls on a titanium frame – creating an ethereal butterfly-like motif.

Another highlight of the exhibition is the Celestial Lake ring with an 11.35-carat opal centre gem and other embellishments such as a 2.59-carat sapphire, South Sea pearls, diamonds and sapphires set in the proprietary Wallace Chan Porcelain and titanium. 

Christie’s commented, “Chan’s creative universe transcends the notion of time and space. In Parallel Dreams, viewers are presented with the physical and spiritual aspects of his jewellery art. Each selected work is unique—from the microworld of insects to the vastness of the seas, from the realistic depiction of a blossom to the abstract representation of consciousness, the artist’s interpretation of life is multidimensional, comprising vivid imagery through his intricate work with sapphires, diamonds, titanium, jade and more.”


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