Bvlgari presents new products in one of its iconic Fiorever lines


Inspired by the capital of Italy, the beloved muse of the jewelry house, the Fiorever collection embodies the magic and boundless romance of the eternal city in sparkling creations of natural elegance, the company said.

The collection of shining jewelry combines the words “forever” and “fiore”, in Italian for “flower”, in its name. She sings him as an emblem of happiness and carelessness of all times. The natural motif turns into an eternal symbol of unbridled optimism and joy with a touch of romance in the Bvlgari style.

The beloved natural theme is interpreted by the iconic Fiorever line in pure stylized forms, thanks to the striking volumes and impressive diamonds that form the characteristic four-petal rim. The inflorescence pattern, defined by bold lines and a subtle sense of volume, presents the world with a timeless Bvlgari style.

The house presents an exclusive pair of white gold and diamonds, including two transformable jewelry. This delicate 6-carat pavé diamond necklace features a miniature flower-shaped clasp, while the iconic round diamond-cored pendant can be easily transformed into a sparkling brooch with a flick of the hand.

Feminine white gold earrings with delightful single-row diamond cascades cascading from the iconic floral motif, and when detached, the dangling elements become versatile four-petal stud earrings. The passion for transformable jewelery is embedded in Bvlgari’s jewelery DNA, and today it finds a new expression – in precious yet versatile creations, whose striking radiance harmonizes with the fresh vitality of Fiorever.

A dazzling bracelet in white gold and diamonds completes the parure. To make it extremely easy and comfortable to wear it, a specially new practical fastener was invented, magically disappearing into a radiant single flower crowning the creation. The versatile jewelery set plays up the timeless style of the tennis diamond bracelet in a sophisticated combination with the charm of a floral motif.

Bright diamonds, collected in an amazing bud, individually cut to fit the curving lines of the petals. The ring is stunning in how its hypnotically luxurious radiance conveys the sparkling beauty of nature. The spiral ring has a unique design – it starts with a gorgeous flower and ends at the other end with a petal, as if blown away by the wind.

Symbols of casual elegance and carelessness, pendants made of a single rose or white gold flower, light and delicate, gently radiate tenderness. With its miniature variations, the precious four-petal pattern subtly brings a sparkling touch of femininity to every day.

The sophistication of Bvlgari’s vision of outstanding and rare gemstones is demonstrated by three new pendants featuring the iconic flower bud. Diamond petals surround the brilliant sapphire or emerald core in the white gold version, and the diamond-cut central ruby ​​in the pink version.

Comfortable and versatile, these creations interpret the majestic beauty of gemstones with casual elegance and Roman ease.

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