Australian woman ironically took revenge on her unfaithful husband and his “generous” mistress


Sydney, March 16. A resident of Sydney learned about her husband’s betrayal from his mistress: a rival sent her an expensive gift. The offended Australian woman took revenge on her unfaithful spouse, “glorifying” him all over the world.

According to the Daily Star, the woman posted on Facebook a photo of the studs of the American jewelry house Tiffany & Co, whose cost is estimated at $ 400 (29 thousand rubles). According to a Sydney resident, the jewelry came to her by mail from her husband’s mistress, along with an attached note: “They would look much better on you.”

The Australian decided to sell the earrings for $ 200. In a message left to the merchandise group, she explained that the earrings are selling at a very low price because they were given to her by her husband’s mistress.

“Despite the fact that it was a beautiful gesture of the woman who made my life hell, I have no desire to insert into my ears something that once belonged to her,” she wrote.

The woman clarified that after receiving the “gift” she checked her husband’s bank card statement. Checks confirmed that he bought the earrings last November for $ 400.

“I’m sure chlamydia is not ear-borne, but be careful. I highly recommend a decent disinfectant, ”she wrote to the Australian, adding that you can come with wine for the decoration.

The woman’s ironic entry has attracted a lot of attention on the web. Users left a huge number of comments with the support of the deceived lady.

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